It’s playing with your brain

Lori Singer
Lori Singer is one of those rare talents that encompasses everything all at once. She's a musician, actress and model. Being the daughter of Jacques Singer, a famous conductor, and Leslie Singer, a concert pianist, Lori was born into a performing family. She started playing the cello at a very young age, and soon was practicing 12 hours a day. It turned out that Lori was a prodigy, and at age 12 she made her debut as a soloist with the Oregon Symphony performing the Lalo Concerto… In her career on stage and before the camera, Lori Singer has dazzled audiences with her combination of model's beauty, musician's soul, and actor's flair. She has matched her explosive dramatic talent in roles opposite such powerhouses as Tom Hanks, Mickey Rourke, Kevin Bacon, Kris Kristofferson, and Sean Penn. She has also collaborated with the prodigious directing talents of John Schlesinger, Alan Rudolf, and Robert Altman, bringing to the screen women of unforgettably vibrant, eccentric, or achingly dark qualities… —continues at Alluring Lori Singer

Part of the thrill of VR.5 are the different personas Sydney explores in VR.5. Her attitude, her body, her voice... her expression as well as her landscape is altered and expanded and that's what keeps her alive. And that's also what helps prevent Sydney's typecasting.… read more

Sydney has a tortured past and had to grow up at 12 on her own. She believes in good over evil and yet she recognizes the beast within. Despite it all, Sydney is a staunch humanist and a highly qualified telephone repairperson ;)… read more

Michael Easton
Michael Easton is an Irish-American actor, writer and filmmaker. Although he may be best known for his work on the series Ally McBeal, VR.5 and Total Recall 2070, Easton is also the author of the critically acclaimed trilogy Soul Stealer which was named “Graphic Novel of the Year” by Ain’t It Cool News in 2010. That same year he developed Credence, a story about a recovering addict trying to hold onto his job and family while spiraling deeper into depravity, for Black Watch Comics. Michael also co-wrote The Green Woman for DC Comics with acclaimed mystery writer, Peter Straub. Both books spent several weeks on the NY Times Best Seller list. Easton’s screenplay Beautiful Loser, a biopic detailing the tragic life of actor Montgomery Clift, is currently in development. For his second feature, he was hired by Norman Lear to write the screenplay Queen of Jazz, about legendary songstress, Ella Fitzgerald… —continues at Michael Easton

The VR.5 people were probably the best group of people I ever got to work with. John's a really talented guy. He was a big fan of a show I also liked, The Prisoner. He and Thania St. John took a bit of The Prisoner and added all of the hi-tech elements and that sense of paranoia. I had a great time working on it… read more

Esthetically, it's unlike any show I think you'll see on television. It's like the mind is like the last great frontier of capitalism. I mean, people will be exploring it and seeing where you can go with your imagination… read more

Anthony Stewart Head
Anthony Stewart Head was born on February 20, 1954 in Camden Town, north London, England. Anthony is an English actor and musician. Having already had a successful career, with regular TV appearances and stage roles, including leads at the Royal National Theatre, he became “a household face” in the UK following his role in the, now classic, commercials for Nescafé Gold Blend (Taster’s Choice in the U.S.). He is internationally known for his roles as Rupert Giles in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Uther Pendragon in Merlin, and for his role as Geoffrey Howe in the Oscar award winning film The Iron Lady… He was most recently seen in Stephen Poliakoff’s Dancing on the Edge, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters directed by Thor Freudenthal, You, Me and Them on UK Gold and Dominion for Syfy. —continues at Anthony Head

Eventually you do start to discover that Oliver does have dark secrets. We find out what makes him tick. It's a very interesting part. It's not your ordinary run-of-the-mill series, and it's not your ordinary run-of-the-mill part. In terms of American episodic TV it was very different from anything else I'd ever seen or been up for… read more

Once you can accept that the brain is like another computer and therefore you can access what people are thinking without them knowing, then you've pretty much got it. The scripts get quite complex but they jump around. People didn't get bored with Twin Peaks until they figured that they were never going to get a definite answer. VR.5 has a definite story and a definite answer… read more

David McCallum
David McCallum has had a finger in virtually every performing arts pie that exists. They include: playing several instruments, conducting an orchestra, key roles in major films (for just one example: he won out over several envious peers for the role of Judas in The Greatest Story Ever Told), reading books on tape, singing, recording music he's composed (and even played), voice-overs for various commercials and various documentaries, a mini-series (Mother Love), several television series as well as guest starring on other series, at least one quiz show which required acting (Cluedo, a British version of the board game Clue), legitimate theatre, and even a CD-ROM… —continues at David McCallum Fans Online

The thing about VR.5 that is quite astonishing is the quality of the writing. John Sacret Young, who bought his first computer a year ago and knew nothing about them before that, learned everything to the point where he can create the most exciting new show about cyberspace that is possible. What he did, basically, is link the human brain in the very beautiful face and body of Lori Singer with the capability to use the telephone lines with some genetic quirk of her own. Really, it is mind surfing… read more

The execution is so great. The cameraman, Tony Paglieri is brilliant. He's wild, and screams and yells sometimes, he's outrageous, and then breaks into a huge grin like a small, I suppose, Italian schoolboy. But he's divine, and has done I think, brilliant work, and then all the post-production and CST… read more

Louise Fletcher
Born in Birmingham, Alabama, to Episcopal minister Robert Fletcher and his wife Estelle, both of whom were deaf, Louise Fletcher was introduced to performing at a young age by the aunt who taught her to speak. After graduating from the University of North Carolina: Chapel Hill, she took a trip out west with her roommates, finding herself in Los Angeles without enough money to return home. She took a temporary job as a receptionist and signed up for acting classes at night. Soon she was working regularly in television and film, but after marrying producer Jerry Bick and having two sons, the actress took a long hiatus to raise her children… —continues at IMDB

The very last show was like Twin Peaks in a way, in that it keeps the audience in a maze until the very end, then you get to figure it out. But even after you think you've figured it out, you realize you haven't figured all of it out… read more

Tracey Needham
Tracey Needham has an affinity for portraying strong female roles amidst traditionally male environments. She relates to these tough women because she is the only sister in a family of three brothers. While growing up, she was always jumping into football games and wanted to to be treated equally and not have boys take it easy on her. "But I usually ended up with a bloody nose", she recalls. She called on her own past experiences to play the strong but feminine Lt.(j.g.) "Meg Austin" in the first season of JAG. As the female star of a military action-adventure series, Needham portrayed a Navy Judge Advocate General attorney who was also a computer-weapons expert… —continues at IMDB

Will Patton
Patton was born in Charleston, South Carolina, the eldest of three children. His father is Bill Patton, a playwright and acting/directing instructor who was a Lutheran minister and served as a chaplain at Duke University. Patton was raised on a farm, where his parents ran a foster home for wayward teenagers. He attended the North Carolina School of the Arts in Winston-Salem and The Actors' Studio in New York City, New York. He portrayed the evil antagonist in Desperately Seeking Susan, and had a significant role in No Way Out, his first major film. He was nominated for the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of General Bethlehem in The Postman… —continues at Wikipedia